智能RFID跟踪解决方案,用于库存管理和其他行业 Smart RFID tracking solutions for inventory management and other industries

RFID跟踪:具有RFID电缆扎带和附件的智能解决方案 RFID tracking: clever solutions with RFID cable ties and accessories


HellermannTyton has developed a range of RFID cable ties, accessories and RFID readers to make your RFID tracking and identification processes more efficient.


The variety of applications makes RFID technology so unique:

  • 提高生产效率:消除许多步骤,因为与RFID标签的电缆连接包含几个功能 - 紧固,捆绑,标签,识别产品安全,产品RFID跟踪等等
  • Increase efficiency in production: Many steps are eliminated because cable ties with RFID tags incorporate several functions – fastening, bundling, labeling, identification product safety , product RFID tracking and much more
  • 在恶劣环境中可靠地标签和识别产品:即使在极端的生产和操作环境中,RFID标签上的存储信息仍然可读
  • Reliably label and identify products also in harsh environments: stored information on the RFID tag remains readable even in extreme production and operational environments at any time
  • 标记和识别不可访问的部件:RFID电缆扎带是常规识别(例如条形码标签)难以阅读的可靠选择 - 例如。 通过空间限制或由于物质原因不能标注
  • Mark and identify inaccessible parts: RFID cable ties are a reliable alternative when conventional identification such as barcode labels can be read only with difficulty – e.g. through space restrictions or can’t be labeled because of material reasons
  • 支持工业4.0的应用:智能工厂的目的几乎是无限的。 今天,几乎每个行业都使用电缆扎带,结合RFID技术,支持Smart Factor概念的巨大潜力
  • Support applications in industry 4.0: the purpose of an intelligent factory is almost unlimited. Today cable ties are used in almost every industry - in combination with RFID technology there is great potential for supporting the notion of a Smart Factor

RFID标签的优点 Advantages of RFID tags


Several tasks are combined: the cable tie acts as an information carrier, product label and cable fastening – all at the same time

  • RFID标签的唯一标识是用唯一的代码编程的
  • Unique identification as RFID tag is programmed with unique code
  • 快速无纸化的数据收集
  • Fast and paperless data collection
  • 消除报告中的打字错误
  • Elimination of typing errors in reports
  • 减少纸张工作从而减少工作时间
  • Reduction of working hours due to reduction of paper work
  • 受控管理的设备和仓库
  • Controlled administration of devices and warehouse
  • 能够容纳比条形码更多的数据
  • Ability to hold more data than barcodes
  • 遵守立法
  • Comply with legislation
  • 轻松分享最新信息
  • Easy to share up-to-date information
  • 管理设备检查,维修工作等
  • Manage equipment inspections, maintenance work etc.
  • 在恶劣环境中可靠运行,例如潮湿,多尘,脏污条件; 腐蚀性环境; 振动和冲击
  • Reliable operation in harsh environments, for example wet, dusty, dirty conditions; corrosive environments; vibration and shock
  • 无需接触或视线
  • No need for contact or line-of-sight

RFID可以用在何处? What is RFID used for?

RFID跟踪用于许多行业。 材料,应答器,阅读距离和环境的组合决定了其使用。

RFID tracking is used in many industries. The combination of material, transponder, reading distance and surroundings decides on the use of it.

RFID追踪库存管理 RFID tracking for inventory management

RFID追踪库存管理 RFID tracking for inventory management

跟踪产品资产管理的一个很好的例子,RFID系统大大简化了对有价值的工具或设备的识别和管理。 为此,要标记的产品只需要安装海尔曼RFID电缆扎带之一,该扎带已经使用独特的代码编程。

A good example is  tracking products for asset management, where RFID systems simplify the identification and management of valuable tools or equipment substantially. For this, the product to be labelled just needs to be fitted with one of HellermannTyton RFID cable ties that has been programmed with a unique code.
You can either link the pre-programmed code with a database or add specific code requirements according to your database needs.


Read one example for RFID tracking of our case studies on our HellermannTyton Blog.

每个组件都可追溯的事实也有利于收货。 成本变得更加透明,可以优化价值流中的流程。 产品假冒产品更容易识别。 使用RFID电缆使其完全不可能:一旦电缆连接器被切断,就不能重复使用 - 因为每个RFID芯片都有唯一的ID。 RFID电缆扎带保证存储在其上的信息的真实性。

The fact that each component is traceable also benefits the goods receipt. Costs become more transparent, processes along the value stream can be optimized. Product counterfeits are easier to identify. The use of RFID cables makes them completely impossible: once a cable connector is cut off, it can not be reused - because each RFID chip has a unique ID. The RFID cable ties guarantee the authenticity of the information stored on them.

风力发电机的RFID跟踪 RFID tracking for wind turbines

风力发电机的RFID跟踪 RFID tracking for wind turbines

将海上风电场作为RFID跟踪的另一个例子。 工程师需要在现场采取常用的有价值的设备来履行维修或维护任务。

Take an offshore wind farm as another example for RFID tracking. Engineers need to take commonly used valuable equipment with them on site to fulfill repair or maintenance tasks.

为了管理库存和/或例如, 识别可以使用RFID电缆扎带安装的设备的位置。 编程的信息可以链接到数据库,作为信息和管理工具,用于跟踪工具的简单方法。
In order to manage the inventory and/or e.g. identify the location of the equipment it can be fitted with an RFID cable tie. The programmed information can be linked to a database that serves as an information and management tool for an easy way of tracking the tools.

借助NFC技术(近场通信),工程师可以通过平板电脑上的应用程序与RFID领带进行通信。 这样就是例如 可能在使用前检查设备,并完成工作后重新检查。 这种制度带来的巨大好处是永久性的管理,这些资产既有用户,也有管理人员。
With the help of NFC technology (near-field communication) the engineer can communicate with the RFID tie by using an app on their tablet PCs. This way it is e.g. possible to check out the equipment prior to the use and check it back in after finishing the job. The big benefit resulting from such a system is the permanent control, which have both users and administrators of these assets.


Read more about this example for RFID tracking in our RFID blog article.

RFID跟踪危险环境 RFID tracking for hazardous enviroment

RFID跟踪危险环境 RFID tracking for hazardous enviroment


Where conditions in the production facility are extreme, such as heat, dirt and liquids, RFID cable ties made of different materials are the ideal solution.

例如对软管进行维修的液压服务。 极端条件聚在一起。 液压油,螺杆溶液和污垢的混合物模糊了常规产品标签,直到其不可辨认。 这对于服务人员来说是非常有问题的。 他们不能再确定他们正在处理哪种类型的软管。 软管的最大压力载荷是多少? 软管什么时候安装好了? 谁在最后工作?
For example hydraulic service which carries out repairs to hoses. Extreme conditions come together here. A mixture of hydraulic oil, screw solution and dirt blurred the conventional product labelling until it was indecipherable. This was very problematic for the service staff. They could no longer identify which type of hose they were dealing with. What is the maximum pressure load of the hose? When was the hose made and installed? Who worked on it last?


The solution for the service company was to use HellermannTyton RFID cable ties made of metal, which are not affected by oil or heat.

RFID跟踪建设 RFID tracking for construction

RFID跟踪建设 RFID tracking for construction

还有许多其他RFID跟踪领域,如起重机构造。 一个例子:以前的产品标签难以访问,不再可读,因为根据客户的要求应用了几层涂料。 现在使用海尔曼RFID电缆扎带进行识别,因为芯片可以容纳在可承受恶劣环境或涂层的环境中,这些信息仍然是可读取的。

There are numerous other fields of application for RFID tracking, like crane construction. One example: Previous product labels were difficult to access and were no longer readable because several layers of paint were applied at the customer’s request. Now using HellermannTyton RFID cable ties for identification the information remains permanently readable as the chip is housed in and can withstand harsh environments or layers of paint.


Read more in our RFID blog article.

RFID跟踪汽车行业 RFID tracking for automotive industry

RFID跟踪汽车行业 RFID tracking for automotive industry

在组件的可追溯性的情况下,也简化和优化了过程。 例如,在缺陷的情况下,召回或监视维护间隔。

Processes are also simplified and optimised in the case of traceability of components. For example, in the case of defects, recalls or the monitoring of maintenance intervals. 

Or for product labelling in general, such as when installing elements in automobiles.

在这里,RFID电缆扎带还作为一种更为可靠的安全措施,并且比常规标签解决方案的工作量更少。 如果电缆扎带被切断,则不能重复使用。

Here, the RFID cable tie also acts as a security measure which is more reliable and involves less effort than conventional labelling solutions. If the cable tie is ever cut off it cannot be reused.

因此保证了RFID电缆扎带上的信息的真实性,作为产品标签。 这意味着,例如,您可以非常准确地跟踪哪个员工安装了哪一个组件,哪一个工厂在哪一天。

The authenticity of the information on the RFID cable tie as product labelling is therefore guaranteed. This means, for example, you can very accurately trace which employee installed which component with which properties in which factory on which day.

我们的产品用于智能RFID跟踪 Our products for smart RFID tracking


RFID tracking for inventory management: All HellermannTyton RFID products can be used for securing, serialisation, tracking and identification of products in the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution and rental services as well as for easy management of maintenance and repair routines.

RFID扎带 RFID cable ties

尼龙扎带与高或低RFID应答器 - T50RFID Nylon cable ties with either high or low RFID transponder – T50RFID

尼龙扎带与RFID芯片内部 Nylon cable ties with RFID chip inside


RFID cable ties provide an innovative solution for clear and rapid product RFID tracking.
The nylon cable ties are equipped with an RFID transponder and therefore combine the numerous advantages of regular cable ties with RFID technology.

金属可检测的RFID电缆扎带与识别标签 - MCTRFID Metal detectable RFID cable ties with identification tag – MCTRFID

金属可检测电缆扎带与RFID芯片内部 Metal detectable cable tie with RFID chip inside

金属内容RFID电缆束带有一定百分比的金属微量元素(磁体/ X射线),并且特别适用于可能存在污染问题的行业。

Metal content RFID cable ties are made with a percentage of a metallic trace element (magnet/X-Ray) and have been especially developed for industries where the potential for contamination is a problem.

关系可用于产品的保护,序列化,跟踪和识别e。 G。 在食品加工,化工或制药行业支持质量控制工作。
The ties can be used for securing, serialisation, tracking and identification of products e. g. in the food processing, chemical or pharmaceutical industry to support quality control effort.

不锈钢电缆扎带与HF和UHF RFID应答器 - MBTRFID Stainless steel cable ties with HF and UHF RFID transponder – MBTRFID

带RFID芯片的不锈钢电缆扎带 stainless steel cable tie with RFID chip


Stainless steel RFID cable ties are fitted with a slide-on carrier for a high frequency (HF) or an ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID transponder.

These ties are ideal for product identification in all areas of harsh environment where high tensile strength and durability is of importance.

配备RFID应答器,用于RFID跟踪 Accessories with RFID transponder for RFID tracking

high frequency HEXTAG – 高频(HF)



The HEXTAG made from PA66 is equipped with transponder of HF frequency.

The central hole allows a simple mounting in applications where a RFID cable tie solution is not suitable.

CRADLE - High Frequency (HF) CRADLE - 高频 (HF)



The CRADLE, made of TPU and equipped with a HF transponder can be used on standard HellermannTyton cable ties.

RFID读卡器,以提高过程的可靠性和质量 RFID Readers/Writers to improve process reliability and quality

Handheld RFID Reader 手持式RFID阅读器

两个手持式RFID阅读器 two Handheld RFID Reader

HS9手持式RFID阅读器设计用于读取LF转发器并读取/写入适用于HellermannTyton RFID电缆扎带和附件的HF转发器。

The HS9 handheld RFID readers are designed to read LF transponders and read/write to HF transponders fitted to HellermannTyton RFID cable ties and accessories.

HS9读卡器可用于低频(LF,125 kHz,只读)和高频(HF,13.56 MHz,读写)转发器。
The HS9 reader is available for low frequency (LF, 125 kHz, read-only) and for high-frequency (HF, 13.56 MHz, read & write) transponders.

RFID - 读卡器 - 桌面 RFID - Reader - Desktop

RFID - 读卡器 - 桌面 RFID - Reader for Desktop

用于固定式使用的RFID-DT22桌面阅读器设计用于读取/写入适用于HellermannTyton RFID电缆扎带和附件的高频(HF 13.56 MHz)应答器。

The RFID-DT22 desktop reader for stationary use has been designed to read and write from/to high frequency (HF 13.56 MHz) transponders fitted to HellermannTyton RFID cable ties and accessories.

读写器作为RFID应答器与计算机系统或数据库之间的接口。 无线电波将数据从RFID应答器发送到读取器,使得非接触式读取和/或写入信息是可能的。
The readers act as an interface between the RFID transponder and computer systems or databases. Radio waves transmit the data from the RFID transponder to the reader, so that contactless reading and/or writing of information is possible.

什么是RFID? What is RFID?


Radio frequency identification, for short RFID, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify objects or people. The data transfer is affected by means of electromagnetic waves.

To enable RFID recognition at all, the goods that you want to identify need a so-called RFID transponder or RFID tag, which can then respond to the request of a reader. This is done through radio waves, which explains the name of the system and just ensures that no direct contact between the transponder and reader must exist.

RFID 技术  RFID technology RFID 技术  RFID technology

The RFID technology makes it possible to transmit information to goods without contact and line of sight.

HellermannTyton offers a range of passive RFID technologies (cable ties and accessories equipped with RFID tags) which can be read with RFID readers to deliver quick and accurate reporting.

Passive RFID tags in cable ties are used for applications such as:

  • Resource and asset management
  • Theft preventing and traceability
  • Security tagging
  • Essential maintenance
  • Attendance verification and time recording
  • Leak detection
  • Baggage tagging
  • Vehicle identification
  • Automation processes

There is an ever increasing need by business to ensure the traceability and record-keeping of calibration, location and maintenance requirements to current quality and accreditation standards.


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