Wind turbines: how to reduce maintenance costs
Our cable management solutions deliver durability


Safeguard the efficiency of your wind turbines – with our bespoke solutions




HellermannTyton specialises in cable management solutions that significantly boost the efficiency of the heavy duty systems found in wind turbines. Durability under extreme conditions is the name of the game here. Whether small wind turbines or offshore wind farms, we have been closely involved with the industry for more than a decade, giving us an in-depth understanding of what is required. We can even retrofit the right cable management system to existing wind farms.

As a result, your wind farms turbines benefit from considerably greater efficiency thanks to a guaranteed reduction in downtime and a drop in servicing and maintenance costs.






Cost reductions thanks to tailored solutions
If we don’t already have it, we’ll develop it




You’ve come to the right place with HellermannTyton. We will answer your specific questions – and when we develop brand-new solutions for you, they will precisely match the technological requirements found in the wind energy sector. Put us to the test – we look forward to partnering with you.

Our portfolio is vast, our love of innovation boundless; each and every product has been tested over an extended period to verify that it delivers phenomenal reliability.




控制面板管理 主要产品

Control Panel Management  Key Products

  • 线槽 / Wiring Duct
  • 固定部件 / Mounts
  • 线缆扎带和工具 / Cable Ties & Tools
  • 螺旋缠绕 / Spiralwrap
  • 标识系统 / Labeling Systems


线束面板管理 主要产品

Wire Panel Management  Key Products

  • 电缆扎带和工具 / Cable Ties & Tools
  • 自动工具系统 / Automatic Tool Systems
  • 标识系统 / Labeling Systems


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