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The rail industry continues to play an important role for HellermannTyton in the development and growth of our cable management products.


From Fixings, Insulation & Protection through to Identification, we have developed products to meet the rigorous safety requirements of the rail industry, many of which provide low flammability, low smoke, low toxicity and halogen free properties.

我们所生产的产品全面而广泛,其中有许多产品都获得了伦敦协会和Network Rail认证。我们的内齿&外齿型扎带,TT4000+ & TT430打印机,可打印电缆布线标签以及TLFX热缩标签以及获得TFL/LUL认证。

We manufacture one of the most comprehensive ranges of cable management products, many of which have London Underground and Network Rail Approvals. We are pleased to announce that our Inside & Outside serrated cable ties, TT4000+ & TT430 printers, printable TipTag cable route markers and TLFX heatshrink core markers have all been recently authorised for use by TfL / LUL.


We can speed up cable Identificaiton with our TIPS (Thermal Transfer Printing System) that can print at speeds of up to 125mm per second onto Labels, Heatshrink Sleeving and our range of TIPTAG Markers.

无卤线槽HTWD-HF  The halogen-free wiring duct HTWD-HF








•底孔和槽身尺寸符合DIN 43659


The halogen-free wiring duct HTWD-HF meets the common fire protection standards of rail vehicle construction and is well suited for use in the vehicle.
•  Made of polymer blend based on polycarbonate
   (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)
•  Base perforation and duct dimensions conform
   to DIN 43659
•  Notch lines at base of fingers and at bottom of
   the wall
•  Ducts 75 mm and higher also provide an
   additional nose for retaining cables


HelaGuard PA6 protective sleeve








• 低烟低毒
• 高使用使用寿命
• 高耐冲击性
• 不含卤素,硫,磷


The flame retardant HelaGuard PA6 protective sleeve is ideal for high fire protection requirements, like in trains for example. It is very flexible, abrasion resistant and dimensionally stable.
•  Low smoke and low toxicity
•  High fatigue life
•  High impact strength
•  Free of halogen, sulphur and phosphorus










• 采用特殊的编织方式适用于电缆压缩时的膨胀以及拉开时的收缩


HEGP and HEGPX are flexible, easy to pull on braided sleeves. An optimum fit and good abrasion resistance guarantee a high level of cable protection.
•  Specially woven to expand when compressed
   and contract when pulled
•  High rate of expansion
•  High level of surface coverage
•  Flexible cable protection


EdgeClips and cable ties combined together








• 非常易于安装
• 与扎带配合使用可以用来捆扎线束
• 在捆绑线束时可以灵活服帖的卡入板材边缘


EdgeClips and cable ties combined together, result in perfect fastening without drilling holes or using glue, and are therefore ideally suited to reducing extra parts and time to fit.
•  Stand out for the ease with which they are fitted
nstalled by pressing by hand onto an edge
•  Can be fastened to the cable bundle by
   integrating the bar using a cable tie
•  Slotted and flexible bars are an ideal fit for the



 Past Projects            

    Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL)
    West Coast Main Line
    Virgin Pendolino Trains
    Electrostar and Turbostar trains for Bombardier
    White City Sidings
    Heathrow Terminal 5 LUL line extension
    Victoria Line Signalling Upgrade
    East Midlands Re-signalling Project
    Coventry Re-signalling Project
    DTGR Project
    Liverpool South Parkway
    Jubilee Line Extension
    Kings Cross Station
    Heathrow Express
    Docklands Light Railway

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