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HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry: 

pictogram Agriculture and construction vehicles

Agriculture and construction vehicles
Our state-of-the-art smart solutions and robust products guarantee performance and flexibility to adapt to changing market needs. Discover our high-performance solutions that are MADE TO BE TOUGH.

pictogram 汽车行业 Automotive Industry

HellermannTyton´s multi-skilled teams develop productivity-enhancing concepts for the automotive industry. A global network of experienced design engineers continually optimises a product range that fulfils the demanding requirements of this industry, such as e.g. • High temperature resistance • Heavy duty applicability • Splash guard

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pictogram Markets & Industries: Defence Industry

HellermannTyton offers a portfolio of more than 6,000 NATO inventory items which are subject to stringent quality requirements for use in the toughest conditions. • Protection against extreme mechanical stress • Resistance to corrosion • Meeting the stringent requirements of the defence industry

Further information about the Defence Industry

pictogram Markets & Industries: Electronics Industry

HellermannTyton manufactures and develops groundbreaking products for the electronics industry and helps actively shape the market. Our extensive portfolio of services is characterised by • Innovative solutions • Process minimisation • Reduction of production costs

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pictogram Rail Transportation Sector

HellermannTyton develops innovative solutions made of high-quality raw materials. Our products for deployment in rail transportation are characterised by • Outstanding fire protection properties • Highest quality • Maximum service life • Compliance with the strictest safety criteria

Further information about the Rail Transportation Sector

pictogram 太阳能行业 Markets & Industries: Solar Energy Sector

海尔曼太通有多种产品可用于为太阳能行业的布线和故障保护连接工程。为了保证电力输出的持久有效,海尔曼太通开发了能够满太阳能行业需求的产品。 •耐极端天气环境 •极高的机械应力 •高于平均水平的耐久性 HellermannTyton offers a comprehensive product portfolio for a secure cable routing and therefore failsafe connection in the solar industry. To ensure lasting and effective power output HellermannTyton develops products that meet the enormous demands on solar energy systems like • Resistance to extreme weather conditions • Extreme mechanical stress • Higher-than-average durability

更多关于太阳能行业的信息 Further information about the Solar Energy Sector

pictogram Standards - Overview

pictogram 风能涡轮机:线束管理和线束定位 Wind turbines: cable management and cable routing

风能涡轮机的线束管理 Cable management solutions for wind turbines
How can you reduce the cost of energy? Find out here how you can reduce maintenance and servicing costs for your wind turbines thanks to innovative cable management solutions.

风能涡轮机的线束管理 Cable management for wind turbines

pictogram Cable Management solutions for White Goods

White Goods
Whether it’s a single massive order or a massively important single solution, our team of experts around the world can meet your needs, no matter the size. Learn more about our products – MADE FOR LARGE AND SMALL.


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