满足你需求的工业标识和不干胶标签 Industrial identification and self-adhesive labels to match your needs!


Highest quality identification products from HellermannTyton: printable heatshrink tubing, self adhesive labels, embossed stainless steel markers and much more.

Industrial identification for extreme conditions; stainless steel marker


Durable and easy to work with industrial identification is becoming critical in modern working processes. Whether it involves cable and wire labelling, asset identification, or security labelling, the areas these products are used range from aerospace to warehousing and HellermannTyton are able to offer you first class products to match these needs.


HellermannTyton offer easy to integrate solutions to enable you to ensure both highly complicated label designs for serial production to simple one-off labels in a few clicks. Our 80+ year experience in the identification industry ensures that the materials to print on, our printers , and software suit your needs. Our innovate products are usually developed through the close co-operation we have with our customers and this enables us to offer solutions to suit most needs.


HellermannTyton's industrial identification market and application knowledge has ensured that products offered match customer needs; this ranges from simple pre-printed markers, to adhesive labels that can be written on by hand up to printing systems designed to process 10s of thousands of labels a week.

M-BOSS Compact

Extreme environmental conditions require products made from tough materials and HellermannTyton offer best-in-class printer for embossing onto stainless steel plates. The M-BOSS Lite printer is quiet, fast, and very easy to operate and is powered by a standard electrical source and is controlled by a standard Windows computer.


Identify with us. Our experience, technical expertise, dedication and closeness to our customers means that we are able to supply you with the help and the products to suit your identification requirements.


Identify with us for products tailored to your needs!

Industrial identification systems icon人们对工业标识解决方案的需求日益复杂。

The requirements for industrial identification solutions are getting increasingly complex.


It is no longer enough to simply hand write onto cables and wires with some sticky tape or other makeshift solution. Modern needs require modern products and HellermannTyton supply a range suited to these needs.


It is of critical importance that the labels you use are suitable for your needs, are easy to work with and of exceptional quality. As a leader in industrial identification with 60 years of experience we are confident that we can offer materials to suit most applications. We also have technical resources across Europe that are able to offer customised solutions for special needs. Please let us know how we can help.


We offer a complete printing system which includes top of the range software and thermal printers that speedily print the labels for you. Our label quality is consistently accurate so that a range of complicated graphic images such as barcodes and logos are clearly printed. We offer labels that can be printed by thermal printers, laser printers, and dot matrix printers. Our handy pocket sized products that are written on with an indelible pen are ideally suited to maintenance and repair needs.


HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry:


Industrial identification Wire and Cable Markers Icon工业标识:电线和电缆标记   Industrial identification: Wire and Cable Markers


Products for identification of cable and wires including self adhesive labels, printable heatshrink sleeves, non-shrink printable tubing, self-laminating labels, RiteOn labels & dispenser, pre-printed cable markers, identification tags, identification clips, identification ties and Helafix carriers.



Control Panel Labelling Icon工业标识:控制面板标签   Industrial identification: Control Panel Labelling


Products for identification of control panels: self adhesive labels made from vinyl (PVC), polyester (PET) or vinyl coated cotton cloth for use with thermal transfer printers, laser printers.


Industrial Identification Icon工业标签  Industrial Identification


Products for industrial applications: Self adhesive asset labels for component identification made from polyester (PET), Vinyl (PVC) and tamper proof materials for use with thermal transfer printers and laser printers. Continuous self adhesive label stocks are ideal for warehouse and pipe marking. Self adhesive labels for asset labelling, removable asset tracking, temporary tracking labels, warehouse labeling, pipemarking, wire and cable identification and secure identification of component parts and circuit boards.

Industrial identification Security Labeling Icon工业标识:安全标签   Industrial identification: Security Labeling


Products for security labelling: Self adhesive labels made from tamper-proof polyester (PET) leaves visible evidence of interference.

Industrial identification in hazardous areas icon危险区域的工业识别标签   Industrial identification in hazardous areas


Products for industrial identification in hazardous areas:
Stainless steel embossing system M-BOSS Lite
M-BOSS printshop
Hellermark stainless steel markers
Protective laminates safeguard against aggressive chemicals, high tempratures or UV light

Printers and Software for industrial identification Icon工业标签打印机和软件   Printers and Software for industrial identification

热转印打印机和用于打印热缩管的色带,不干胶标签,和电缆标记标签。 海尔曼太通Tagprint专业软件加快了设计和用点阵打印机,办公室激光打印设备打印的速度。

Thermal transfer printer and ribbons for printing on heat shrink tubing, self adhesive labels, and cable marker tags. HellermannTyton Tagprint Pro Software speeds up the design and printing with thermal transfer, dot matrix, and office laser systems.

Use applicator to simply snap the WIC marker onto your cable预印电缆标记标签   Pre-printed Cable Markers


This fast and easy to use snap-on marker is ideal for use in areas where termination has been completed or where systems / power need to remain permanently switched on.
Using the ergonomically designed WIC Tool and the markers ensures that rapid posttermination is achieved. 

Self-adhesive labels (self-laminating), manual marking手工标记的不干胶标签   Self-adhesive labels (self-laminating), manual marking


The self-adhesive labels (self-laminating) for manual cable marking are available in 3 sizes for cable diameters from 4 to 18 mm.


The transparent RiteOn laminating tail ensures optimal protection against humidity,dirt and debris and mechanical abrasion.Write your text in the marker window of the dispenser, dispense the label, place the shaded area with the text onto the cable surface and wrap the clear 'tail' around the cable.

Industrial identification with shrinkable wire markers ShrinkTrak用于热缩电缆标识的工业标签TULT DS   Industrial identification with shrinkable wire markers TULT DS


HellermannTyton's easy to apply printable wire markers are available in Yellow and White. Printing with any of our thermal transfer printers will give excellent print results for wires and cables between 39mm and 1mm.
使用Tagprint Pro标签打印软件可以高效的按要求进行设计打印。

The design of the carrier ensures that users can quickly slip a wire into the side of the printed marker. The 'ladder' design also means that the print job can be viewed easily and the required marker quickly identified.
Use Tagprint Pro labelling software to quickly and efficiently design the required information for printing.

high performance halogenfree printed markers after shrinking用于热缩电缆的工业标签TLFX DS  Industrial identification with shrinkable wire markers TLFX DS

TLFX DS:铁路行业认可的,热缩比例2:1的直梯式标签

TLFX DS: a rail approved 2:1 heatshrink marking system supplied in a Ladder Format.

这种特殊的复合材料适用于铁路行业直径1.2mm-38.1mm的电缆。推荐使用TTDTHOUT色带配合TrakMark DS, TT4000+来打印本产品。

The especially compounded material is suitable for rail applications and covers wire diameters between 38.1mm and 1.2mm. Pre-cut lengths supplier are 50mm, 25mm, and 16mm in Yellow, and White. This product is best printed with TTDTHOUT ribbons on either TrakMark DS, TT4000+, and the newly launched TT430.


使用Tagprint Pro标签软件可以高效的按需求进行设计打印。
Use Tagprint Pro labelling software to quickly and efficiently design the required information for printing.

Industrial identification tags for cable bundle, TIPTAG工业标识:电缆捆绑 TIPTAG  ndustrial identification tags for cable bundle, TIPTAG 


TIPTAG industrial identification plates were developed especially for permanent loading under rough conditions. Even large diameters such as hydraulic hoses, lines for drives or power cables can be marked later. Halogen-free TIPTAG tags are suitable for marking large cable diameters. They are used with high fire protection requirements in tunnel construction.

Industrial identificaiton with M-BOSS Lite Markers工业标识:不锈钢打印系统,M-BOSS Lite标签    Industrial identification: Stainless Steel Printing System, M-BOSS Lite Markers 


The M-BOSS stainless steel markings remain stable and easily readable even under extreme weather conditions like in the offshore industry or in signalling systems. They are processed with the M-BOSS embossing machine. HellermannTyton also offers embossing services according to individual specifications.

industrial identification pipe marking工业标识:仓库标签,热传印      Industrial identification: warehouse labelling, thermal transfer


For high contrast identification labelling in warehouse areas, this continuous length label material gives the user the ability to print large sized text and barcodes and cut to length after printing with either a supplied in-line cutter with the TT4000 or by hand with the TT420. Using these products across the company ensures that all marking is to a consistent and professional standard.

Industrial identification with thermal transfer printer, TrakMark DS, Double Sided工业标识:TrakMark DS              Industrial identification with TrakMark DS

TrakMark DS是一款为同时对标签2面进行打印的热传印打印机。它能够在标签两边打印同样内容,也可以在两面打印不同内容。

TrakMark DS is a heavy duty thermal transfer printer designed to print on both sides of a marker at the same time. It is possible to print the same text on both sides of a marker or print different texts on each side.


The ability to print on two sides at the same time represents a labour cost saving of 50% as the consumables do not need to be printed twice.


As important as labour savings are, accuracy and the integrity of the print is of utmost importance. The printed mark is transferred to both sides of the marker at the same time and so gives you 100% text accuracy.

Industrial identification with Stainless Steel Printing System M-BOSS Lite工业标识:M-BOSS精简版不锈钢打印机     Industrial identification with Stainless Steel Printing System M-BOSS Lite Printer


M-BOSS Lite is the ideal stainless steel marker plate embossing printer for low to medium volume users.


M-BOSS Lite is the ideal stainless steel marker plate embossing printer for low to medium volume users. A recommended maximum continuous cycle of 8 hours printing on HellermannTyton stainless steel markers is enough to suit most needs. The printer is easy to locate in most premises as it is desktop in size, uses a standard electrical supply and only weighs 35kg.

海尔曼太通工业标识解决方案包含多种优势   HellermannTyton solutions for industrial identification offer various advantages:

Self-laminating labels for cable marking清楚耐用的工业标识           Clearly durable industrial identification


TagPrint PRO标签软件具有内置的模板,使标签的设计打印过程简化。并允许用户创建条形码,序列号,静态的文字和标志。我们只有口袋大小的RiteOn和HELASIGN能够满足手工标记的需求。

When self-laminating labels are applied the clear laminate tail wraps over the text and this protection from dirt and dust and ensures the labelled wire remains clearly visible.

TagPrint PRO labelling software has inbuilt templates that makes the design and printing of labels a simple process and allows users to create barcodes, serial numbers, static text and logos. Manual marking requirements are met by our pocket sized the RiteOn marker dispenser and HELASIGN booklets.

Industrial identification of (self-adhesive) labels for laser printing海尔曼太通为配件标识提供多种选择   HellermannTyton offers a wide selection of adhesive labels for component marking.

我们有多种材料的手工书写标签和为热传印以及激光打印设计的标签。我们的TT430和TT4000+打印机系统与TagPrint PRO标签软件相结合,确保标签能方便快捷地完成。

There is a choice of materials for manual labelling as well as markers designed for use with thermal transfer printers or conventional laser printers. Our TT430 and TT4000+ printer systems combined with TagPrint PRO labelling software ensures that labelling is done easily and quickly.

Identification tags for thermal transfer printing for industrial identification of assets工业标识标签   Labels for industrial identification


The range of materials and sizes offered ensure that an optimum product offering is available for marking a diverse range of asetts and components. Rating plates, PCB labels, asset tracking labels, warehouse and logistic labelling are all possible. The highest quality materials ensure that surfaces such as low-energy plastics, powder coated metal, and curved surfaces can be labelled with confidence.

Labels for fraud-proof industrial identification你可以信任的安全标签    Security labeling you can trust


Being able to check the integrity of a product is of vital importance and Hellermann- Tyton provides a range of materials that will enable customers to quickly see if assets have been tampered with. Two types of material are common and both serve to highlight problems with tampering; one leaves a distinctive pattern on the surface and the other will disintegrate into fragments. Also available is a tough outdoor labeling system comprising of a clear over-laminate, and printable silver label that gives excellent performance for trucks and trailers.


Labels for fraud-proof industrial identification


用于识别电缆和电线的自覆膜自粘标签   Self-adhesive self-laminating labels for identifying wires and cables


Self-laminating labels are an excellent way of identifying wires and cables.The protective laminate protects the printing from the effect of dust and debris and so keeps the text clean and visible. Designing and printing labels are intuitive when using HellermannTyton labelling software and thermal transfer printers.

工业标识:专业的标签打印   Industrial identification with professional label printing

Labelling software TagprintProTagprint Pro是一款强大的标签创建和打印软件,功能多样化,使用极为方便。

Tagprint Pro label creation and printing software is powerful, multi-functional and extremely easy to use.

Tagprint Pro提高了生产速度并为标签需求提供了多种选择

Used to provide solutions for industrial identification, Tagprint Pro speeds up production and offers many options for a wide variety of labelling requirements.


所见即所得。创建标签,条形码,序列号,标签套,导线列表,图形和文字以及文本选择只是Tagprint Pro的一小部分功能。

“What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) label creation, bar coding, serialization, label sets, wire lists, graphics and text choices are just some capabilities of Tagprint Pro software.

Tagprint Pro能被用于多种海尔曼太通标签应用,比如激光,喷墨,针式和热转移打印标签,并具有以下特性:

  • 可轻松导入各种类型图像用于标签设计
  • 使用Windows的字体在标签设计,可以完全自定义
  • 在顶部和侧面尺寸刻度可以轻易确定标签内容位置
  • 轻松更改文本颜色,填充颜色和边框颜色,使文字脱颖而出
  • 字符可被拉伸或压缩到各种高度或宽度
  • 让标签看上去更专业的简单方法就是在标签上画线,圆和方框

Tagprint Pro can be utilized with HellermannTyton's wide array of label options including laser, ink jet, dot matrix and thermal transfer printable labels and offers the following features

  • Easily import a variety of image types into the label design
  • Use any Windows based font in the label design for complete customization
  • Rulers on top and side allow for exact placement of objects
  • Easily change text color, fill color and border color to make text stand out and accomplish “full reverse” printing
  •  Allow text characters to be stretched or compressed to almost anyheight or width
  • Draw lines, circles and boxes on the label as a simple way of making the label look more professional


Technical information on self-adhesive labels and printers link工业标识:技术标准     Industrial identification - Technical Indices



Comprehensive technical information on industrial identification solutions / self-adhesive labels you will find in our main catalogue:



  • 寻找合适的标签或标识的材料
  • Flowchart to find the right lable or identification material


  • 粘合
  • Adhesion

 Industrial identification: Bonding properties of labels

  • 表面能对粘结性能的影响
  • Effect of surface energy on bonding properties

Industrial identification: Surface energy and bonding properties

  • 介绍保护裂缝的电缆标签
  • Instructions for cable markers with protective laminate

Industrial identification: Instructions for using cable markers with protective laminate

  • 关于热传印
  • Interesting facts about thermal transfer printing

 Industrial identification: Thermal transfer printing




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