Cable tie guns: Manual or automatic cable tie guns for your applications! 适用于您需求的手动自动扎带枪。


With cable tie guns from HellermannTyton you hold all the advantages.

Automatic cable tie gun (bundling system) ATS3080装配和安装工作正在变得更加复杂,这也是为什么专业的扎带枪正变得越来越重要。从工具枪类,热风枪类到捆扎系统工具,不管是手动工具枪还是自动工具枪。这些扎带工具枪都能根据不同的生产需求在特定环境下满足特定的任务。

Assembly and installation tasks are becoming ever more complicated, which is why specialised cable tie guns are becoming increasingly important. No matter whether manual cable tie guns or automatic cable tie guns are involved, from the cable tie gun through hot-air guns to bundling systems, these cable tie guns have to fulfil quite specific tasks, which they also – depending on the production environment – have to fulfil under quite specific conditions.


For instance, a cable tie gun must even have to be usable in areas which are hard to reach, while other cable tie guns have to be able to operate during field operations without any access to electricity. To this are added the demands of modern serial production, meaning that, for example, attention already has to be paid while developing cable tie guns to ensuring that during long-term use, the operation of the cable tie gun is reliable and does not place excessive demands on the user.


HellermannTyton provides over 60,000 solutions covering all aspects of cables – and as a logical outcome, the company also develops and sells optimum, user-friendly application tools, which make carrying out assembly jobs as simple and efficient as possible using HellermannTyton products. The range of application tools on offer stretches from gas-operated hot-air guns through manual and pneumatic cable tie guns to fully automatic cable tie guns for industrial serial production. All cable tie guns from HellermannTyton are subjected to strict tests and are tested for as long as it takes until every single cable tie gun meets the highest quality demands.

Application of hot air gun E4500The user can, however, not just rely on the quality of the cable tie guns on offer. Whenever sector-specific reasons require it, HellermannTyton also provides support during the installation and use-testing of its cable tie guns on site. In this way, if a cable tie gun should ever not fulfil the exceptional requirements of a customer, then any adjustments which might be required can be undertaken immediately under close joint agreement or new cable tie guns can even be developed. So as to be able to provide this service, the world-wide development sites of HellermannTyton have facilities for developing, modifying and testing cable tie guns, ranging from the smallest cable tie gun right up to automatic bundling systems.


By choosing cable tie guns from HellermannTyton, series production managers, technicians, installers and users are deciding in favour of quality, effectiveness and productivity. Or, to put it another way – for advantages you can feel!

Cable tie guns icon扎带枪:为你的应用量身定做的自动扎带枪和手动扎带枪!

Cable tie guns: Automatic and manual cable tie guns tailored to your application!




HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry: 

Automatic Cable Tie Guns Icon自动工具枪    Automatic cable tie guns



Electrically operated, automatic cable tie guns for use in the production of high-volume. Various tool versions are available for different applications. Waste-free "endless" bundle system ATS3080, fasteners for ATS3080, electrical cable tie gun AT2000  for bundling cable ties of series T18RA. The automatic cable tie guns "Autotool" are electrically powered Tools and fully automatic for processing cable ties in various applications. The automatic cable tie gun Autotool 2000 can bundle up to a diameter of 20 mm and the waste-free cable tie gun AutotoolSystem3080 a max. diameter of 80 mm.

Cable tie guns Icon扎带枪  Cable Tie Guns


Manual processing and pneumatic tools for plastic and metal ties. Plastic tools for installation. Rugged design metal tools and ergonomic mould plastic tools with adjustable tension for ambitious application with highest quality standard.

Application tooling for Identification Icon用于标识系统的应用工具 Application tooling for identification

Helafix HCT tools are ideal for cleanly cutting Helafix HCR carrier strips as well as punching out the securing holes.

Application tooling for non shrinkable tubing Icon用于非收缩管的应用工具 Application tooling for non shrinkable tubing


Three-Prong tools to expand and apply elastomeric sleeves used for electrical insulation, mechanical protection and colour marking.

Application Tooling for Snappers IconApplication Tooling for Snappers

ASNP and MSNP snapper tools for safe and efficient fixing of snapper.


Application tooling for heatshrink tubing icon用于热缩管的应用工具  Application tooling for heatshrink tubing


Application tooling for heatshrinkable tubings like the gas powered hot air tool E4500 is suitable for shrinking all types of heat shrink products including tubing, shapes and cable repair sleeves.


Automatic cable tie guns Icon应用广泛的全自动高效捆扎扎带枪AT2000/ATS3080

Automatic cable tie guns AT2000 / ATS3080
Efficient bundling for many applications


The two electrically operated cable tie guns are - due to its reliability, the simple handling and the flexibility - ideal for processing large numbers of cable ties in different application areas. Within seconds, bindings can be generated up to a diameter of 80mm for bundling and fixing.


Both automatic cable tie guns are manufactured by HellermannTyton, allowing a smooth procedure during repair, service issues and questions.


With an overhead dispenser or a bench mount kit system the automatic cable tie guns can be used stationary, mobile or integrated into a fully automated production line. It is also possible to use various clips and fixings.


Endless cable tie T18R for automatic cable tie gun Autotool 2000


AT2000 Bundling Clip


自动扎带枪AT2000 自动束扎最大直径为20mm

Automatic cable tie gun AT2000
Automatic bundling up to a diameter of 20mm



Autotool 2000 Application in packaging sectorAutotool 2000 Application in packaging sector电动扎带枪AT2000的设计使其可以加快捆扎速度。每个捆扎周期仅为0.8秒。按下按键即可快速完美的全自动完成捆扎带,穿扎带,收紧扎带,剪切扎带的工序。扎带废料被收集在废料盒子内,因此不会有废料掉落到地面或生产设备中。

The electrically powered cable tie gun Autotool 2000 has been designed to speed up the binding process. During the cycle time of just 0.8 seconds, the steps bundling, threading, tensioning and cutting are performed automatically by pressing a button - quickly and with consistent quality. The waste is collected in a waste box, therefore, no cable tie waste can fall on the ground or into the production plant.


Especially in applications with high quality standards, e.g. in the cable assembly, Automotive, industrial- and packaging sector or in the white goods industry streamlines the automatic cable tie gun Autotool 2000 time-consuming and labour-intensive operations.


It can be processed bands with 50 cable ties or reels with a capacity of 3.500 cable ties.





ATS3080 foot part


Automatic cable tie gun ATS3080 different jaw sizes


全自动扎带枪ATS3080 秒速绑定,无废料

Automatic cable tie gun ATS3080
Waste-free bundlings in seconds

Automatic cable tie gun ATS3080 application in medical technologyAutomatic cable tie gun ATS3080 application in medical technology自动扎带枪ATS3080是一个卓越新颖的捆扎系统。

The automatic cable tie gun ATS3080 is an outstanding innovation in bundling systems.
The outside serrated strap and closures are each supplied on "endless reels" so you get absolutely fully automated, waste-free bindings.
The automation of bindings allows efficient manufacturing of high quantities and cost-optimizing in a consistent workflow.


At the automatic cable tie gun ATS3080 the bundle diameter is detected automatically. This allows a flush cut off of the bindings and a optimised material utilisation is guaranteed.

Due to the quick exchangeable jaws (available in diameters of 30, 50 and 80 mm), both small and large bunle diameters can be made and the bundling cycle can be optimized.



For your assembly line situation we offer individual solutions.

Whitepaper "Automatic Bundling And Sealing"In this white paper "Automatic Bundling And Sealing" the advantages of the two automatic cable tie guns are clearly explained on two practical examples.⁞


Cable tie guns Icon塑料外壳手动扎带枪    Manual cable tie gun for plastic housing

手动塑料外壳扎带枪   Manual cable tie gun plastic housing
EVO7最大适用扎带宽度4.8mm   Cable tie gun EVO7 up to 4.8 mm strap width

工具枪EVO 7内部是革命性的改革,拉力/锁紧/切断(TLC)技术急剧地改变了切断扎带的方式,此技术正申请专利中。在剪切前能够以所需的拉力在合适的位置锁紧每一根扎带,这正是TLC技术的关键。由于扣动扳机的拉力是固定的,当开始按压时,仅需最小的手部力量和最小范围的动作来切断每一根扎带。更重要的是,在切后没有震动的影响。这是因为每根扎带的剪切是在极少动作的同一水平张力的情况下进行的,这样使得内部元件磨损更少,刀具寿命更长。

At the heart of EV07 lies revolutionary, patent-pending Tension/Lock/Cut technology that dramatically changes how cable ties are cut. The key is TLC's ability to lock each tie in place at the desired tension prior to cutting. Because the tension is fixed at the trigger when squeezing begins, only a minimum of hand force and a shorter range of motion is required to cut through each tie. What's more, there's no  jarring impact after the cut. Also, because each tie is cut at a consistent level of tension with less movement, there's less wear on internal components, resulting in longer tool life.

紧贴人体工程学。EVO 7的设计由内到外都是考虑使用者的舒适和安全。这是因为你使用工具的次数越多,你患机械性劳损的风险越高。
EVO 7很轻便,手柄的设计能保持手腕处在直立,不偏不倚的位置。手柄轮廓紧贴手掌的形状,用柔软的防滑材料手工制成,与内置气垫一起来减少压力点。另外,柔软触感的扳机可以个别手指紧握,有更好的舒适性和控制性。所有这些都说明EVO 7确实是一款非常便利的工具。

Getting a grip on Ergonomics.From the inside out, the EVO7 was designed with user comfort and safety in mind. That’s because the more you use a tool, the more you’re at risk to suffer a repetitive-stress injury.
The EVO 7 is lightweight, with a handle designed to keep the wrist in an upright, neutral position. Contoured to fit the palm of the hand, the handle is crafted from soft, non-slip material with a built-in air cushion to reduce pressure points. The soft-touch trigger even features individual finger grips for greater comfort and control. Add it all up and the EVO 7 is one very handy tool, indeed.



Manual cable tie gun metal housing MK3SP金属外壳手动扎带枪        Manual cable tie gun metal housing
MK3SP适用最大扎带宽度4.8mm   Manual cable tie gun MK3SP up to 4.8 mm strap width


The manual cable tie gun MK3SP with its ergonomic design can be used anywhere. A tough and extremely low maintenance metal tool with an adjustable preset tension device for tensioning and automatically cutting HellermannTyton cable ties up to a width of 4.8mm.

Manual cable tie gun plastic housing MK9塑料外壳手动扎带枪      Manual cable tie gun plastic housing
MK9适用最大扎带宽度13.5mm     Cable tie gun MK9 up to 13.5 mm strap width


The MK9 cable tie gun for applying HellermannTyton cable ties up to a width of 13.5mm is characterised by its very light weight and ergonomic design. 


The MK9 cable tie gun has two preset tension levels and a device for fine adjustment. MIL approved.


MK9 tool is used to apply bigger cable ties as they are used in trucks and busses. MIL and VG certification allows the use of the MK9 cable tie gun for military vehicle and aviation construction.


For an especially high tensile strength we recommend our Cable tie gun MK9HT.


Pneumatic cable tie guns plastic housing

Pneumatic cable tie guns plastic housing MK7P塑料外壳气动扎带枪      Pneumatic cable tie guns plastic housingMK7P适用最大扎带宽度4.8mm

Cable tie gun MK7P up to 4.8mm strap width


The MK7P pneumatic cable tie gun sets a new benchmark for the rational application of ties in the industrial production process. Enhanced technology significantly improves the application of cable ties.


Improved compressed air supply moves the tensioning piston faster than in comparable tools. Processing time is shortened and the volume of connecting ties applied is increased. At a time when cost implications are crucial this tool offers genuine potential for rationalisation.


Great attention was paid to ergonomic design in the development of this cable tie gun. The moulded handle prevents any slippage and eliminates operator fatigue. The housing of the cable tie gun is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, which is a lightweight but very tough material that fully meets the high requirements found in industry today.


Applying the cable ties is remarkably easy: press the button and the cable tie is tensioned and then automatically cut off flush with the head. The smooth edge of the cut prevents injuries.The cut off end of the tie is ejected automatically. Production breaks normally required to the cut off ties are thus eliminated.


The three level preset control is used to set the tool tension. Fine adjustment is then made with the wheel below the tension control. An optionally available safety cap prevents the tension setting being changed by accident. This is particularly important when bundling sensitive materials and represents an important aspect in maintaining process reliability.


This cable tie gun features a non slip, comfortable grip, soft touch trigger, and a one touch tensioning/cut off capability. The MK7P cable tie gun is very lightweight making it very easy for the operator to use on all cable ties from 2.5mm to 4.8mm wide.


For automatic installation of cable ties up to 13.5mm wide we recommend the application tool MK9P.


Manual cable tie guns for metal ties MBT- and MAT-Series

Manual cable tie gun for MBT- and MAT-SeriesManual cable tie gun for metal ties MBT- and MAT-Series

Cable tie gun MK9SST up to 13 mm strap width


With its lightweight, ergonomic design, the MK9SST cable tie gun is an ideal tool for applying the MBT series stainless steel cable ties. Although it is used for applying stainless steel cable ties, the MK9SST cable tie gun enables work to be carried out without operator fatigue.


For easier handling the tensioning is fully adjustable by means of a quick two level control with an additional fine setting. This feature means that damage to the bundled materials is easily avoided. The cable ties are automatically cut off flush with the head when the preset tensioning level has been reached.

Cable tie guns Icon用于热缩管,非收缩管的工具

Processing tools for heatshrink tubing, non-shrinkable tubing and carrier marking system


Gas powered Hot Air Tool E4500热风枪E4500   Gas powered Hot Air Tool E4500


The E4500 kit consists of a cordless gas heating gun with protective spring and a range of accessories including two different sized nozzles and a gas cartridge.


The hot air gun is a very convenient and compact tool, weighting only 760 g which operates with a gas cartridge (Type P444, Butane/Propanem or type 445, M.A.P.+ Butane+Propane).


It has an automatic piezo electric ignition and a valve controlled temperature setting.
The hot air gun can be operated on its stand for hands free use. The build in stand prevents the tool from tipping over.


The gas cartridge has a continuous burn time of approx. 1.5 hours. The E4500 can be used with no connection to electrical power supply and allows precise working in any position even in restricted spaces.



Three-Pronged for sleeves and grommets用于套管的三尖头扩张钳   Three-Pronged for sleeves and grommets

三尖头扩张钳可用于各种类型的套管,使用非常便捷。 配合使用我们的Hellerine润滑剂可以使安装更轻松。

Three-pronged pliers are used to fit sleeves of every type quickly and easily. To facilitate this operation we recommend our Hellerine lubricant.




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